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The Latest News: - Thursday, February 28, 2013
- Referee Guidelines and Modifications of the LOTG have been updated and are below in a .pdf format.
- The Referee Report - This report should be utilized for all incidents; referee abuse, severe injuries, send off's related to violent conduct, mass confrontations, and requests for payments for broken game assignments.
- The MCSSA Referee Guidelines and Modifications to the FIFA Laws of the game are available below in a draft format.   A final and approved document will be updated on this site prior to the start of the season. 
  • Referee Pre-season preparation
  • Attend MCSSA Referee Kick-off meeting prior to the season,
  • Update contact information with Assignor,
  • Complete an Open Date Calendar for the Assignor,
  • Print Division directories for all Five (5) divisions,
  • Print Referee Report,
  • Print Field directions (if necessary),
  • Read, understand, and implement the the league policies and procedures
- Both the Referee Fact Sheet and Abuse/Unpaid Game Report Form files below have been updated to correct
- Please print out and stay uptodate with our rules. Referees are also encouraged to be familiar with the "Team Responsibilities" info posted at the RULES & GUIDELINES web page.   Send your suggestions for improvement of any MCSSA practices to 
PLEASE BE SURE TO PROMPTLY EMAIL OR FAX YOUR GAME REPORTS TO DIVSION COMMISSIONER SHOWN AT LOWER RIGHT ON GAME ROSTER REPORT FORM.  Referee game reports are the basis for discipline and for tracking compliance with suspensions!  Thanks
- Passes are no longer required for player checkin; player may use any of original (not a copy), valid (unexpired) Drivers License, credit card, company ID, school ID, county ID or passport; NONE of the foregoing is ever to be retained or confiscated by the referee; discipline is tracked and managed by DCs based on referee's game reports with player checkins clearly indicated.
Online Evaluation Form
Files that are available on the page:
Description Date FileName
MCSSA Referee Guidelines and Modifications of the LOTG 2008 6/11/08 MCSSA Referee Guidelines an.pdf
Referee Evaluation Form {But prefer use of on-line button above} 6/16/05 REFEVAL1.doc
Referee Report for all incidents, abuse, send offs, and payment requests 5/25/05 MCSSA Referee Report.doc
Useful Links:
Description Date Link URL
FIFA Home Page 5/24/00
NJ Laws/Statutes Web Site - Assault of officials, see 2C12-1, 2C12-3 and 2C44-8 7/30/02
National Association of Sports Officials Home Page 5/24/00
North American Sports Federation (NASA) Web Address 6/18/03
Soccer Referees "The Last Word" WEB Site - Loaded with info for referees 6/8/00
United States Soccer Federation - has tons of info including much on Laws of the Game 7/11/03