Rainout Cancellation Guidelines {hez 6/7/00}

It’s pouring out; is the game on?

The MCSSA does NOT declare league-wide rainout game cancellations! Our games span a wide geographical area from Sparta to Piscataway, and Hackettstown to Bloomfield throughout which weather conditions and field playability often vary dramatically.

The decision to cancel due to weather may be made by any of the following:

Advance Notification

At least two hours before scheduled game time, the home team leader should notify the opposing team leader and assigned referee/s (or Referee Assignor in the event that a referee has not called the home team in advance to confirm game time and place and leave his/her name and phone for just such contingencies).

If it is likely that some players, and/or the referee(s), ‘may’ not have received the cancellation decision, a really thoughtful home team will send a representative to the field to inform those folks that the game has been cancelled.

Decision At The Field

If there is insufficient time for the foregoing notifications, both teams should go to the field prepared to play and, with the referee, make the final decision at the field. If the decision is to cancel, each team is to pay the referee $10 travel fee.

Makeup Planning

Ideally, when the home team leader communicated the decision to cancel to the opposing team leader, both leaders attempted to decide a makeup date at that time – presumably to the next available standard play date that is open for both teams, if any.

Division Commissioner Notification

Later, after the hectic confusion has settled down, the home team leader should notify his/her DC that the game was cancelled due to rainout – and of agreed on makeup date if already planned. The DC will update schedule status and, if needed, will help with makeup planning.